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The Fellumpas...

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now at Statfold Country Park!

Fellumpas have been hiding in Statfold Wood for many, many years. They are very difficult to spot which is why we've only recently found them! They look after the wildlife and the environment around the woods - and they are here to share their story!


All aboard the train and take a journey to Fellumpa Village! Look out for the cheeky but cute characters and see if you can spot the mine.

The Fellumpas like to mine Fellumpa Berries... but be careful to not get too close, as the berries explode! Make sure to pick up your very own book, soft toy and Fellumpa Cake during your visit from the Statfold Shop!

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As well as seeing the fantastic village, you can visit Wortle Woods and explore the wildlife trail! Learn some interesting facts and see the Bug Hotel, but beware of the Wortles... hint: Wortles like to hide in the bushes and play in the water.


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