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Your guide to the Midlands Fireworks Festival

It’s almost time for the Midlands Fireworks Festival! Some fantastic displays will take place throughout the evening on Saturday 19th August with a range of unique shows and themes from movie favourites to the greatest hits!

Our Halloween Fireworks Spooktacular is a favourite event amongst families, with displays from the masterminds behind some of the most spectacular displays in the UK, so you just know that the Midlands Fireworks Festival will not disappoint!

To help make your day as easy as possible we’ve put together all the information you need to know before you make your way to The Midlands Fireworks Festival.

Let’s start with the running order for the shows… 

8:00pm – Daylight (the truly unique one)

9:00pm – Enchanted Family Favourites (the one featuring everyone’s favourite songs from classic family films)

9:25pm – Cinematic Masterpieces (The best cinematic tunes in one epic display)

9:50pm – Greatest Hits (need we say more? An awesome finale)

Wow, 4 different displays? This is going to be an epic event! Anyway, let’s continue with our remaining tips.

Not sure what a fireworks festival is? Well, at the Midlands Fireworks Festival as mentioned we have 4 incredible displays to look forward to. These displays are each choreographed carefully to music to create a pyro-musical… how cool is that? The displays have been choreographed by the designers from Titanium Fireworks so it’s guaranteed to end with a bang!

Make sure to arrive early for the best views, our viewing area opens at 7pm so you can head to the field early to secure your space! We recommend stopping by one of our catering outlets along the way to grab some yummy drinks and snacks to take with you.

Bringing the family? There’s plenty of activities to make the most out of your ticket! Opening at 12pm you can explore Statfold Country Park before ending your day watching the fireworks. Yes, that means you can enjoy unlimited train rides, play in Toby’s Barn: Play & Climb, see the Fellumpa Village, go on woodland walks and more, all included in your ticket price!

What better way to spend a summer’s night than being at this incredible event? We hope you’ve all secured your tickets (they’re selling fast!) and looking forward to joining us! See you soon!

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