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Statfold Roundhouse Museum Photograph


The Roundhouse museum is accessed from the up platform at Oak Tree Halt, through an archway which leads to a large open yard area. The large rectangular building, has undergone a recent facelift inside and out.

Inside the roundhouse there are over a dozen tracks radiating from a central turntable on which are housed the majority of the items in the Statfold collection that are not in use on that particular day.

It might be argued that the Museum is most impressive on days when the trains are not running, as then every track is fully occupied. The visitor is welcome to wonder freely among the collection to admire the restoration work already completed and absorb the scale of the challenge ahead when examining those items awaiting their turn in the workshop.

One of these photographs shows the condition in which some of the acquired engines arrive at Statfold works. This particular engine came complete with part of a tree trunk that had grown through the driving gear whilst it was languishing in the undergrowth in India.

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