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SEN - Specialised workshops & Site visits 

Here at Statfold we understand the importance of accessible learning opportunities for all ages and abilities.

We are able to offer relaxed workshop sessions and visits to our site to fit in with any of your needs. 

Any of our sessions for any key stage can be adapted to suit SEN requirements.

Please speak to a member of team on 01827 830389 or

SEN qualified and experienced staff

Here at Statfold we have SEN experienced staff so that the children are properly supervised and cared for. Consequently, you can be confident that each individual child's necessary demands are being met. Our team have been trained to encourage, support, and motivate each child, as each individual child's welfare and wellbeing is their absolute priority.


Fully accessible facilities

Statfold has full wheelchair accessibility, so that children with physical disabilities can fully experience and enjoy their school trip. In addition, we provide  accessible toilet and shower facilities so that it can cater to children with serious impairments and multiple learning difficulties.

SEN Appropriate Workshops... 


Sensory based storytelling session all about Alpha the engine who travelled a long, long way from his home in Yorkshire. This session celebrates an engine that is 100 years old.

Timetabled Sessions

  • 30-minute sensory storytelling session with one of the railway engineers.

  • Alpha’s Hunt & Explore – self-lead or guided museum activity.

  • Tram or train ride.



Bring your bear along with you for a fun filled adventure at Statfold. Take part in an interactive story with Toby the Station dog and complete his trail in the museum! Settle down in our lovely grounds or diner for your very own Teddy Bear Picnic.

Timetabled Sessions

  • 30-minute interactive storytelling session with one of the railway engineers.

  • Toby’s Trail – self-lead or guided museum activity.

  • Tram or train ride.


Curriculum Links: Communication and language. Personal, social, and emotional development. Understanding the world.

Toby and Sybil.jpg


How were steam trains made and how do they work? Who worked in the Hunslet factories and what did they do? For what were narrow gauge railways used? Join one of our railway engineers and learn hands on all about how and why railways were built! Work together to build your own Loco, and explore all the different materials used.


Timetabled Sessions

  • 45-minute roleplay workshop session with a Statfold Railway Engineer.

  • Object Hunt – Looking for materials. Self – lead or guided museum activity.

  • Tram or train ride.


Curriculum Links: Events beyond living memory that are significant nationally. Learning about the lives of significant individuals in the past who have contributed to national and international achievements. Significant historical events, people and places in their own locality. Exploration and identification of everyday materials used in industry.






Discover the vast amounts of green space that Statfold has to offer! Staff will take you on a guided woodland walk where you will use identification charts to become Mini-Beast and Animal detectives! Find places of natural beauty and explore our historic woodland and duck-decoy. You can even take a train back to Strawberry Park platform.


Timetabled Sessions

  • 45-minute woodland workshop with a member of staff.

  • Self – lead or guided museum  and green space activity (Strawberry Play Park Included) .

  • Tram or train ride.


Curriculum links: Identifying that most living things reside in habitats to which they are suited. Identify and name a variety of plants and animals in their habitats, including micro habitats.

Working scientifically: Observing closely using equipment. Performing simple tests. Identifying and classifying.

Image by Jens Jakob
Image by Mieke Campbell
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